we broke up.

"i don’t know whether to fuck your brains out or spill my soul out to you. what kind of she demon are you"

the most romantic thing i’ve ever hear ever

"No that’s not a good idea, they’re just gonna scam you." What the fuck, good riddance to this abusive piece of shit then.

Then he suggests couples’ counseling. 


This was the greatest moment ever.



we used to be glee blogs


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At that point I think I would too. Your emotional state/wellbeing can only handle so much.

That’s another thing. I’ve been wanting to go back to therapy (for other issues) but he’s like “No that’s not a good idea, they’re just gonna scam you.” Or when i wanted to join a gym and start dieting but when i said something i was ‘obviously going to leave’ because god forbid i want to look good for me

it’s just too much and i want out

If either of them are intimidating you over this then I’m glad you’ve decided to get out asap. And you’re right, it’s better to do this now than when you got married and it would’ve been twice as harder to get out.

Exactly. Like it may take some time for me to find a place to stay and get my shit sorted out but I need out of this mess asap. i can’t try to change him anymore, and i obviously can’t tell him to never talk to his bro again. i just give up. 

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Yeah, that’s really not fair to you. I can get being upset, but if he starts crying every single time you try to talk to him about it, he’s trying to make you feel guilty and that’s not right either. I’m really sorry it had to come to this anyway. :/

On top of that, when we decided on this break, we agreed to no physical affection besides hugging. But he keeps trying to kiss me and shit and when I reject him he pouts and I’m like “Dude you have to work with me here on this.” That, and he’s involved his bro in all of this, and that’s pissing me off, because his bro is an intimidating person and I’m scared he’ll do something to me/the friend, and I’m freaking out over that. 

Like I told him from the getgo that it was about me not being happy, and he immediately accused me of cheating on him. And then made the whole situation about him, about how I fucked up, not about me being really, really unhappy here.

And it’s fine. I mean, I’d rather it end now than five years down the road after getting married. 

and i really can’t deal with having to keep noah and his bro from beating up the best friend/current interest because he happens to like me and talks to me when i have no one

  1. queenloa said: Does he do this every time you try to have an actual discussion with him? If so then I think he’s emotionally manipulating you, from the sound of it. (You did mention he was emotionally abusive anyway.)

Every time. And he is emotionally manipulating me. I talked to my mom, and she said for me to quietly save some money and find an apartment, and she’d help me slowly move stuff out on my days off. I mean, at this point, that’s the only thing I can do. I can’t talk to him about it,because I get a sob story and this “woe is me, I can’t live without you” crap.